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Plainar Keld by justinmanas
Plainar Keld
From left to right. The Sabot. A stealthy adversary who specializes in quick take downs. Using is drgar blade he is able to cut through solid matter and damage his foes spirit. Fatal in most instances. When cornered he employes a variety of semi-magical equipment. His vor gauntlet can cause small explosions once charged. The Sabot uses his flail as a grappling hook in a pinch. He can discard his clothing to fool pursuers. Planting it near him distracting the enemy so he can attack them from behind. The Sabot is a character with a lot of surprises. His main weakness is the fact that caring all that equipment can make it awkward to fight Marshaly. The next is the Saar Mage. She can quickly grow dangerous plants rarely seen out side of the Plainar Orayer.
She unlike other mages rarely cast spells that attack the enemy directly. She rather grows several Plants to attack you. She will start with a melee razor Grotun. A plant that in wrapped around her that bites near by attackers. She then starts growing a Serddra walking plant. This plant chases enemies clamping down on them with sharp hardened teeth. The Saar mage will then set down one or two Searers. These plants don't move but shoot spirit acid at attackers at range.  The whole time she will be working to stay away from the enemy and grow her plant summons to stronger and stronger incarnations.
The Baal Warrior is a fast attack marshal opponent. His armor starts as small pieces of wood. Then when danger is seen the Baal warrior grows the wood armor to cover his body. The controls a whip that can change its length. The whip hold several pieces of metal that when pulled together form a rigged sword to change combat styles. The whip while extended can be controlled and seems to move like a cobra. The Baal warriors are the all around fighter. Proficient at most weapons with no real weakness. Next the Var-sheal hunter Class. These skilled warriors fight from a distance. All Plainar have some control over nature. The Var-sheal have less than the Saar's but more than anyone else. She fires living arrows. She can adjust their course mid flight. They can also make arrows that when fired grow into Rayors. Small plants that fire spikes at enemies. She can load each arrow with different plants or effects by implanting a seed in to the living wood and when fired grow the seed. She can fire an arrow and in mid flight turn it into razor vines entangling and damaging enemies. The Var-sheal are also skilled in building traps. They use they traps to defeat enemies that they could defeat other wise. They stalk their pray studying them. She will then find a place where there is only one path to her. Then she will plant almost invisible traps that must be triggered in order to get to her. Then she will attack her prey. The large normally unstoppable pray runs to her getting stuck in every trap on the way there. The entire time she is pelting them with arrow designed to slow, sleep, hurt, poison, kill, exe... If the pray finally gets to her she has a back up plan. They never hunt alone.
Lastly the hulking Vorum Soldiers. These warriors fight in the largest form of the Katree armor. The armor completely surrounds the wearer. The armor moves with the warrior boosting his strength. They can take a beating but more than that these warriors grow crawl plants on their back. These small plants when thrown turn in to a large tangle of vines ensnaring anyone to close to the plant when thrown. These warriors use a variety of heavy weapons. But as a mainstay they grow their arms into larger spiked forms. The Vorum can grow large spikes in every direction rappidly if attackers start to grapple. They can also exstend limbs to reach farther or in most cases to seem more intimidating. 


Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I am graphic designer from Oklahoma City.
I specialize in Illustration and 3D graphics. I am a concept artist that loves game development.

Current Residence: okc

Favorite style of art: Concept art, and graphic Design

Favorite cartoon character: Giggily Puff
Personal Quote: If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.

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kellisan1234 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I just uploaded the rest of the sketches I have done on my Stash. When your classes were cancelled and during spring break, I've been playing around on my new tablet monitor. I can't find anymore of my sketches though, I think I deleted them :(
Dream-Port Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
Can you take a look at my drawings and yell at them? Which things should I work on the most?
Xallisforte Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Student General Artist
happy birthday
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I will look into it and fix it.
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